Helga’s German Bar

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Germany is world renowned for beer (bier) and your ‘Old World’ experience would not be complete without stepping into Helga’s German Bar.

The atmosphere is fun and friendly and a smile is waiting for you. You will hear a neighboring table shout ‘Prosit!’ (the German word for ‘Cheers’) as they raise their steins in a toast. You might even see someone drinking out of a large glass ‘Boot.’ Feel free to ask your bartender or server for suggestions and guidance in navigating the wonderful world of German food and beverages.

Helga’s features 8 tap handles of real imported German beer and proudly offer up the best of German breweries including Hofbrau, Konig Ludwig, Kostritzer and Warsteiner. We also have wines from the Von Schleinitz Estate and several fun specialty drinks such as Cola Weiss, Wine Schorle, homemade Apple liquor and more. Order up some great complementary appetizers such as Potato Pancakes, Bier Brat Sliders and of course you must have one of our awesome house made Pretzels!

You can also enjoy soccer on our big screen TV! There are always great games to watch!


Join us at Helga’s German Bar. Prosit!